1. fare un backup del db accessibile  ·  under review

  2. create a report option to list current medications and doctors

  3. essere in grado di impostare la data di inizio della terapia  ·  completed

  4. Inclusion of positive symptoms, especially relating to mental health or chronic symptoms that range in severity. Much easier to see trends.

  5. data uploads directly to pharmacy and drs. office for med checkups and refills.  ·  under review

  6. Change how ro add a new drug. Change the way the inventory reports data.

  7. possibilità di impostare mezza compresse e step di 30 gg impostando la data di partenza  ·  completed

  8. if a med is skipped for any reason should have a data box to enter reason

  9. Sarebbe utile avere una funzione che permette di inserire l'assunzione già effettuata di un farmaco prima di aver iniziato ad usare l'app.  ·  under review

  10. Chciałbym prosić żeby w zakładce gdzie wpisuję ciśnienie krwi gdzie jest "Wartość", "Data", "Godzina" dodać zakładkę "Uwagi".

  11. perhaps consider adding a "notes" section for things that might make throw treatments or measurement data for remembering

  12. uma planilha organizada por data e com 4 medições antes cafe antes almoço anres cafe da tarde antes da janta

  13. Maak bekend de plaats van gewicht en bloeddruk kan het niet vinden in de inhoud?

  14. Savner en note funktion. Og savner at kunne registrere via en kalender, så data fra i går eller en anden tidligere dag kom med.

  15. correct timezones

  16. can you add connectivity with apps like omron connect or Samsung health?

  17. Would be great to be able to sort my medications bre name or time if day on the data entry area, and to hide paused medication.

  18. allow us to retroactively enter or edit in medication data. I had my record logged on pencil and paper weeks before I started using this app

  19. I'm trying to keep records for me and another loved one. The progress report is combining our data which is confusing. Records for 2 please.

  20. Would like to be able to log previous doses for more complete tracking.

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