1. Make it so we can use our laptops/computers to enter data, some of us struggle to type on small screens like a mobile phone.  ·  declined

  2. Savner en note funktion. Og savner at kunne registrere via en kalender, så data fra i går eller en anden tidligere dag kom med.

  3. Allow completely offline mode and ensure the user can know his data is not being sent to your servers. For example by not asking for network

  4. Would be great to be able to sort my medications bre name or time if day on the data entry area, and to hide paused medication.

  5. allow us to retroactively enter or edit in medication data. I had my record logged on pencil and paper weeks before I started using this app

  6. I'm trying to keep records for me and another loved one. The progress report is combining our data which is confusing. Records for 2 please.

  7. enter data from the days previous to adding a new pill (or downloaded the app) because I have to call my doctor after x pills and it'd help.

  8. History. Need filters as for full list of data as for therapy (pills, drops etc.) and for measurements only.  ·  gathering feedback

  9. allow data collected in the app to be transferred to medical records via apps such as patient access  ·  gathering feedback

  10. have a section were by you can make notes about your treatment e.g. gradual increase in physio loading exercises on a day to day basis  ·  under review

  11. Australian database  ·  under review

  12. Syncing my Wearable with the app  ·  under review

  13. Backup data to own device for privacy  ·  declined

  14. Medication database for United States  ·  completed

  15. Sleep Diary: Add sleep as an activity or allow users to enter sleep/wake times and rate sleep quality.  ·  under review

  16. Maak bekend de plaats van gewicht en bloeddruk kan het niet vinden in de inhoud?

  17. correct timezones

  18. can you add connectivity with apps like omron connect or Samsung health?

  19. Would like to be able to log previous doses for more complete tracking.

  20. Add Samsung Health to list of External Services.

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