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  1. Backup data to own device for privacy  ·  declined

  2. Sleep Diary: Add sleep as an activity or allow users to enter sleep/wake times and rate sleep quality.  ·  under review

  3. data di scadenza farmaco  ·  gathering feedback

  4. Dont replicate what other health apps do (Health Vault, Fitbit, Withings, Jawbone etc) have the ability to cross populate the data if needed  ·  under review

  5. export data in excel format. Thanks

  6. Add related documentation to doctor appointments  ·  under review

  7. History. Need filters as for full list of data as for therapy (pills, drops etc.) and for measurements only.  ·  gathering feedback

  8. appuntamenti ed esami in ordine di data  ·  under review

  9. allow data collected in the app to be transferred to medical records via apps such as patient access  ·  gathering feedback

  10. add a confirmation process for anything that deletes data. Today an inadvertent tap removed 7 meds from my schedule.  ·  under review

  11. a data base the Doctor that prescribed a medication

  12. allow for the download of data in a structured format such as JSON/YAML. im a software engineer/data guy and would like to see it

  13. data base for Australia

  14. Add Samsung Health to list of External Services.

  15. show the scale for the graphs and start at zero for all monthly and weekly graphs. (it's painful to look at)  ·  under review

  16. back up for data on mail

  17. use voice recognition (use Google API) to facilitate data entry for old patients that cannot easily read on smart phones or tablets's screen  ·  under review

  18. Allow completely offline mode and ensure the user can know his data is not being sent to your servers. For example by not asking for network

  19. Allow for downloading csv of all entered data

  20. możliwość wpisania początku terapii ze wsteczną datą

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