1. export data in excel format. Thanks

  2. data base for Australia

  3. Allow for downloading csv of all entered data

  4. data di scadenza farmaco  ·  gathering feedback

  5. appuntamenti ed esami in ordine di data  ·  under review

  6. back up for data on mail

  7. allow for the download of data in a structured format such as JSON/YAML. im a software engineer/data guy and would like to see it

  8. Implement importing Medisafe records (pills, measurements etc.)  ·  declined

  9. możliwość wpisania początku terapii ze wsteczną datą

  10. adicionar acompanhamento de relatório de atividade intestinal. Com data, hora consistência, aspectos, foto

  11. use voice recognition (use Google API) to facilitate data entry for old patients that cannot easily read on smart phones or tablets's screen  ·  under review

  12. very limited editing of meds. would be good to actually edit the data that is input into the app. all that is posible is, hide or delete.

  13. i have a mood tracker I've been using for 2 years called DALIO, as well as a FITBIT with over 2 years of data. I'd love to merge the data

  14. Dont replicate what other health apps do (Health Vault, Fitbit, Withings, Jawbone etc) have the ability to cross populate the data if needed  ·  under review

  15. Sarebbe anche molto utile visualizzare, oltre al numero di pillole di scorta, anche "la data" in cui termina la copertura farmacologica.  ·  under review

  16. Сделайте альтернативный ввод данных артериального давления. При большой разнице текущий ввод не удобен. Do an alternate blood pressure data  ·  under review

  17. potrebbe essere utile un info sulla prossima data in cui prendere le medicine. una specie di calendario futuro, nn solo il giorno stesso

  18. need an option to export to csv  ·  completed

  19. ciao ☺️ app stupenda e ormai indispensabile. Se si potesse aggiungere data e ora di inizio della terapia sarebbe utilissimo. Grazie  ·  under review

  20. aggiungere data rinnovo terapia  ·  gathering feedback

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