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  1. data uploads directly to pharmacy and drs. office for med checkups and refills.  ·  under review

  2. Sarebbe anche molto utile visualizzare, oltre al numero di pillole di scorta, anche "la data" in cui termina la copertura farmacologica.  ·  under review

  3. Change how ro add a new drug. Change the way the inventory reports data.

  4. potrebbe essere utile un info sulla prossima data in cui prendere le medicine. una specie di calendario futuro, nn solo il giorno stesso

  5. very limited editing of meds. would be good to actually edit the data that is input into the app. all that is posible is, hide or delete.

  6. ciao ☺️ app stupenda e ormai indispensabile. Se si potesse aggiungere data e ora di inizio della terapia sarebbe utilissimo. Grazie  ·  under review

  7. possibilità di impostare mezza compresse e step di 30 gg impostando la data di partenza  ·  completed

  8. if a med is skipped for any reason should have a data box to enter reason

  9. Chciałbym prosić żeby w zakładce gdzie wpisuję ciśnienie krwi gdzie jest "Wartość", "Data", "Godzina" dodać zakładkę "Uwagi".

  10. allow data collected in the app to be transferred to medical records via apps such as patient access  ·  gathering feedback

  11. perhaps consider adding a "notes" section for things that might make throw treatments or measurement data for remembering

  12. History. Need filters as for full list of data as for therapy (pills, drops etc.) and for measurements only.  ·  gathering feedback

  13. add a confirmation process for anything that deletes data. Today an inadvertent tap removed 7 meds from my schedule.  ·  under review

  14. It would be very nice if I could import my old data for one of my treatments as well as my weight measurements, e.g. via CSV file.

  15. uma planilha organizada por data e com 4 medições antes cafe antes almoço anres cafe da tarde antes da janta

  16. To add a manual sync option and sync status indicator with info about the last successful user data sync to the app.

  17. dare la possibilità di segnare una data di inizio dell' assunzione del farmaco e il medico che l' ha prescritta con la motivazione  ·  under review

  18. Dont replicate what other health apps do (Health Vault, Fitbit, Withings, Jawbone etc) have the ability to cross populate the data if needed  ·  under review

  19. Savner en note funktion. Og savner at kunne registrere via en kalender, så data fra i går eller en anden tidligere dag kom med.

  20. Make it so we can use our laptops/computers to enter data, some of us struggle to type on small screens like a mobile phone.  ·  declined

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