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    Thanks for your suggestion! We will put forward this idea and discuss its feasibility with our team. We will get back to you as soon as we have more news.

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    Jacob commented  · 

    when you miss a medication it gets flagged based on saftey and wellness. this then prioritizes and drafts the type of message that is sent to your pre arranged and trusted health buddy. messages can range from hey so and so missed a dose of..... login to my account. I would clasify this as a low priority message. then you could have higher ones that would notify the buddy that so and so miss a dose of medicine that "we" not sure how you would have to word it for legal Reasons. But it would explain that it is classified as a risk situation and that the medication the friend may have missed can lead to serious complications if not taken regularly. and that they should check on them as soon as possible. plus attached to the message would be useful quick dial numbers for like poison control and such. meanwhile on the backend we can analyze the data sets of how and why people fail to follow through with proper medication management. and this will give us some new analytics to study to hopefully be able to make suggestions to people on how to group meds better and use block scheduling to make the end user feel more comfortable and confident and successful.

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